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I'm not QQing? I was (10/26/2015)
I'm not QQing? I was just filling him in.. and plus, I love WoW, and<a href=""> cenlurtry</a> playing it right now..I don't know where you think I like from. But you're completely fucking retarded if I'm going to throw hundreds of dollars away to start anew. (From the start of my subscription to now.)

Stef - WhDZ4GQKAfA
every game is better (10/24/2015)
every game is better than wow you dumb piece of shit just <a href="">becusae</a> you play it and masturbate to wow all day doesn't mean there arent' better games out there dumbass. How many years did it take wow to get a commercial out? How many did take? Yeah clearly it started out better. grow the fuck up wow isn't everything bitch

Valeriu - tMNy7eyK3
(i am not a wow plya (10/23/2015)
(i am not a wow plyaer i am rift plyaer i am saying this coz its a fact)thats why RIFT has less than 1million plyaer but still wow has 10 million even swtor didnt cause much of competition,wow has more subscribers than all these games combine and many are from asia,RIFT looks good too and its dungeons are pretty hard but still it saw decrease in its population rather than increase,MONEY IS IN CASUAL GAMERS.and they dont like hardcore things,it wasnt really that successful in korea too.

Santhiran - SbVLs0PwZ