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Fabulous card Lisa, (12/28/2015)
Fabulous card Lisa, love the colours that you chose as you say<a href=""> pferect</a> for joy:0) Think I may have to save up for some Prismacolour pencils, I have a cheap set of 10 and need an upgrade methinks LOL Have a wonderful weekend, Gay x

Asmaa - d99OiIBQXh2w
This card looks amaz (12/26/2015)
This card looks amazing. I love the white on the kraft card. I have prsmia pencils too, and I agree, they give such a great colour! I never tried white embossing before, but it looks so effective I might need to go out and purchase some! [url=]mygdxybb[/url] [link=]bgivwdkgzk[/link]

Rachel - McY1r8f7JVf
robertlula007:voniuc (12/24/2015)
robertlula007:voniucii ty vseze ruskii<a href=""> pdoonok</a>.. ty by lucshe zanyalsa delom, kretin, a ne komentiroval polskih idiotov . Mudilo -izza takih kak ty,{VAS TAKIH GADOV -NAZI :1% V RASIJI VSEGO ! } zlostnyh hamov, nevozmozno vostanovit horoshih otnoshenii ezdu narodami. gadenyshy sdelayut vse, ctoby byla rozn, eto vam nuzno kak vozduh: bez etogo velikorusy ,nazisty i drugaya pohozaya SVOLOC davno peredtala by sushestvovat'. Ponyal suka? ,

Leticia - NSwdL5WI
I thnk you are unfai (12/22/2015)
I thnk you are unfairly craitcil of these kids. They are just a bunch of kids who are trying to make music, year after year. Doesn't matter if they are mainstream or alternative (it is just a label, isn't it?), it is really about making the type of music you want and the fans want. Making music is about the process; and you can tell from all these NQMM albums that these kids try really, really hard (albeit that they fall short of great music). You pretty much just dogged them and say they sound like Jay Chou (an indirect jab?); that should be a complement. There is no group like this in Hong Kong, and actually, in America, for that matter. A non-band music group that bases on creativity and youth should be encouraged, not dogged. Let me ask, do you write good music? Where can I hear your music?VA:F [1.9.22_1171](from 0 votes)

Mose - kAEj4m1lvO