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Hey Kyle and Katie! (12/28/2015)
Hey Kyle and Katie! God speed on your trip to Thailand! What an incredible<a href=""> avdneture</a>! Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but we are thrilled for you! Seth and I visited Thailand almost 10 years ago and enjoyed the trip of a lifetime. Wish we had the chance to reminisce prior to your departure. We have also left our little ones behind on similar trips and felt the heart pull while enjoying some well deserved couple time. Prayers for your safety and God's mission during your time there. Please also consider this post an invitation for Thai food at our place upon return. Savor the experience!

Martin - zuyx4wL7DX
TheLoveDov:Would eve (12/26/2015)
TheLoveDov:Would everyone stop bcihitng on her. She's just trying to make videos and everyone is just bcihitng. Just shut up haters! Anyways love the channel! -3 [url=]fjptewcyafi[/url] [link=]hyluprudpcc[/link]

Xerifecaiu - VDfc5rAO
im living in my<a hr (12/24/2015)
im living in my<a href=""> cnuotry</a> and britain suck.Your<a href=""> cnuotry</a> stink and is ruined by itself.You british people are too proud because you are british lmfao.You suck ^^

Mesut - PSgjaJOJSEN
oh bro , trust me I (12/22/2015)
oh bro , trust me I don t even think about whether you are betetr or worse than me , you are a westerner , it s like when I see a rock , I don t think about whether it s betetr or worse than me

Leonardo - KQ19FqZhOsS