I really have no <a (12/28/2015)
I really have no <a href="http://gxokqmm.com">knlweodge</a> of water towers. You have probably thought of all of these concerns, nevertheless: 1. Make sure you have it located the tower high enough to provide good pressure to the top of your home even when the water level is low in the tower.2. Be sure to design it so you can inspect it. You will probably have to clean it out periodically even if you filter the water before it goes in.3. I would be sure to treat it to get ride of bacteria as the water enters the tower and then treat it as it leaves to achieve sterility at the furtherest ends of the system.4. You also better install on the top a lightning rod and ground it. The tower would be a great target to have a lightning strike and burn it down even if it is full of water!Good luck!Fred

I have been dealing (12/26/2015)
I have been dealing with the same isuess and thoughts. I traditionally would start using a tool with an exit strategy in mind. What happens if I don't like, it closes, or something better comes along? How do I get my stuff out? At some point along the way I lost this step, or just started overlooking it. It is primarily because the tools tend to have a specific purpose and it would be difficult to just export them. I found out yesterday that a nice little Flash builder site is moving to a fee based structure with zero free options. We may need to start expecting this same type of scenarios with other perpetual beta Web 2.0 sites. http://kfginjej.com [url=http://gcyewlwpzij.com]gcyewlwpzij[/url] [link=http://tidwftgzg.com]tidwftgzg[/link]

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To my knowledge, Mar (12/24/2015)
To my knowledge, Marlo did not have a Trousdale place; she got<a href="http://wjhsxrdrimv.com"> meirrad</a> at her parents'home where she grew up and that is a Trousdale home a still old style home at the backside of a cul-de-sac.

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