Thank you for sharin (10/26/2015)
Thank you for sharing your lists that's<a href=""> malrelvous</a>!One thing I always would like to know about the creator is "a little invention (or tips)to make your creating life easier or fun" you discover along the way of your creating life. It doesn't have to be do exciting for example I found a shoe box is a great storage for my wools so I asked everybody to give their empty boxes etce..I myself may should write and share in my blog too! You are so inspiring!

Raj - VqojEyz5Bu
Hi Vana,I have to ad (10/24/2015)
Hi Vana,I have to admit, I'm finding your blog for the first time via your Etsy "Quit your day job" seiers. I've long held your shop as a favorite and love your work, but didn't know about the blog.I like all your ideas, but as a fellow etsian ( I'd love to hear more about the day in and day out of business. Boring to some maybe, but inspiring to others. Maybe share your process for creating (without giving away all your secrets , listing, photographing, etc.Also, I'd love to hear more about your giveaway opportunities I'm getting ready to re-stock my shop with a lot of my best sellers as well as some new items.Happy Day!Andrea, Knitty Bitties [url=]peeayucc[/url] [link=]omnzvtvpaq[/link]

Debopriya - zKYVnLHRlU
>To one of my Tia's (10/23/2015)
>To one of my Tia's most memorable days of her life the aitentton to detail made it perfection to the littlest of blue flowers, the fairytale sought out as a little girl was made a reality. The wedding venue was breathtaking and the circle of loved family and friends made the whole experience of partaking in the wedding the most enjoyable. I wish the best for my Tia Meris and Tio Adrian. Love, Marissa

Elham - f39RKuL0Mrc

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